Woodpecker opens a pharmacy – take the initiative to express your goodwill

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The woodpecker opened a pharmacy and did a good business. But then, a mountain eagle opened a pharmacy across the street from his store. The woodpecker was so angry that he started spreading rumors in the community that the mountain eagle’s store was selling all fake products.

The son of the mountain eagle knew about this, so he was ready to write a lawsuit against the woodpecker for unfair competition and false accusations against his own pharmacy.

Mountain Hawk hurriedly stopped his son and said, “Don’t make a big deal out of this, we might as well deal with its attack in a good faith way.”

The next day, when some medicine buyers told the mountain eagle that the woodpecker was attacking it again with rumors, the mountain eagle said kindly, “I think there must be something that has caused a misunderstanding between us and Mr. Woodpecker. The woodpecker is the best doctor among birds. He is genuinely and sincerely looking out for his patients at all times, and his good work ethic is an example for us to follow. The bird country is so big that there is enough business for both of us, and I have always used Mr. Woodpecker’s pharmacy as an example for my own store.”

When the woodpecker heard these words, he bowed his head in shame.

Later, he took the initiative to find the mountain eagle, taught it some of his own experience in opening a store, and cooperated with the mountain eagle to open a joint pharmacy in another forest.

When will the grudge be settled? It is better to give up the former suspicion and work together, so that in their own development, while also gaining each other’s friendship and respect. Expressing goodwill is a good way to stop all mutual attacks, and when you extend the hand of friendship to each other, you will surely get rich rewards.

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