Wolf and Lion – Knowing how to cooperate with others.

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A lame wolf and a lion with highly nearsighted eyes met. To survive, they decided to cooperate and hunt for food together. Before hunting, they made a reasonable division of labor. The wolf, who could not run fast because one leg was lame but had good eyesight, was responsible for finding and searching for prey, while the lion pounced toward the target according to the wolf’s accurate tips.
Because of the good division of labor, they effectively used the advantages of both of them. They avoided the disadvantages, so they could catch more food every day and became a pair of golden partners in the animal kingdom.
Later, the wolf gradually became dissatisfied with the lion. It thought.
“Why should the lion share the food with me equally? Without me, it would be almost blind and almost impossible to catch prey.” So the wolf proposed to the lion that it could not share the prey with the lion equally in the future, and it should get two-thirds of the quarry. Of course, the lion was unwilling to do so, and the wolf left the lion in a fit of anger and went out hunting alone.
One day, when the lame wolf slipped into the farmer’s house and prepared to steal an old hen, he was discovered by the farmer. The farmer chased him with a hoe, and the farmer soon overtook the wolf because of the difficulty in moving. The farmer raised his hoe and smashed it at the wolf, and the wolf died under the hoe.
Proper division of labor and cooperation, each doing its best, can benefit both parties and achieve a win-win situation, which is a thousand-year rule in the workplace. If you do not consider the actual situation and are proud of a little achievement, you will take the credit to yourself, or even expel partners, or set up a big banner all by yourself and work alone with your strength. It is extremely irrational behavior. Learning to work with others in a harmonious division of labor and cooperation is the cornerstone of your career evergreen.

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