Wisdom stories from the spring trip

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On a beautiful day in spring, many people go to the countryside for a spring trip in pairs. They were excited and set out with dry food and water bottles. Only one person had an umbrella with him.
The hills in the countryside were full of flowers and the sound of birds and swallows, which made the visitors forget to go back. However, as they improved, huge dark clouds flew in the sky, and thunder rumbled from afar. It was about to rain, and those tourists who did not bring umbrellas were panicked by this sudden change and no longer cared to visit. One by one, they ran down the mountain, looking for a place to escape the rain.
The man with the umbrella was not afraid. An umbrella gave him full confidence. He ridiculed the other tourists as “people who have no distant worries must have near worries” while continuing to pace the depths of spring and feast on the beauty of spring.
In a short while, it started to rain. He opened his umbrella. Unexpectedly this spring, rain fell very violently. I did not wait for him to look back. The rain whip will be wrapped in the wind, straight into his arms, a huge whirlwind will be he and umbrella spinning into a gyroscope. The umbrella not only can not provide him with a little protection but has become a burden. Seeing that he was about to spin down the ravine, he had no choice but to put away his umbrella and stumble down the hill. When he arrived at where the people were sheltered from the rain, he had been poured into a soup. And those tourists who did not bring umbrellas witnessed his wretched look, one laughing back and forth.
Insightful words
People often do not fall on their defects but their strengths. Because the imperfections often remind them, while the advantages often make them complacent, thus losing their minds. A miracle is not absolute, a gift at some point will be transformed into a disadvantage, and a weakness can also be an advantage. The key is whether we are sensible.

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