White rabbits who like to collect – live in the mood

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Autumn is ending, and animals are busy harvesting nuts, wheat, beans and other foods for the winter. The white rabbit is no exception.
When the white rabbit is outside looking for food for the winter, it often carries a bottle with it. Sometimes he puts a red maple leaf in the bottle, sometimes a small golden chrysanthemum, and sometimes even a small stone warmed by the sun. The little white rabbit’s perverse behavior often invites ridicule from the other animals.
“What are you doing with the leaves in the bottle? You can’t eat dead leaves as food!” The groundhog asked in disbelief.
“Indeed, maple leaves do not fill the belly, but in winter, they are as important as the food that can fill the belly.” The white rabbit said gently.
“What about those little stones? Can you use it as water to quench your thirst?”
“No. Small stones cannot be turned into water to quench thirst, but in winter, we cannot survive well without it.” The little white rabbit said with certainty.
“Are you crazy?”
“No. I dare assert that I live more sensibly and fully than anyone else.” The White Rabbit’s tone was full of joy and confidence.
When winter came, the weather became extremely cold. Many animals had to stay in their dens and sleep.
The field mice and other animals felt that such days were very monotonous and boring, so they decided to go and see the White Rabbit see how he passed his time.
“You look like you’re having a good time. Where’s your collection?” The field mouse asked.
“Yes, I did have a happy time. Do you want to see my maple leaves and small rocks?”
“Yes, I want to see if they are as important as food in the winter?” The field mouse scoffed.
“Look, you guys, this is the fiery red maple leaf I have collected.” The white rabbit finished speaking and carefully took out the maple leaf from the box, “In this long winter, I just need to see this fiery red maple leaf, just as I see the charming autumn of the scenery; if you don’t believe me, please close your eyes and think about it.”
After listening, the vole and the weasel closed their eyes half-heartedly.
Sure enough, the field mouse and the weasel felt that they saw the mountains full of red leaves in autumn, with red fruits hanging on the trees; and the golden grains of grain left in the paddy fields after the farmer had harvested them》
The field mouse opened his eyes joyfully, “I feel so happy. I see beautiful autumn again in this white and lifeless winter.”
“Me too. I’m really happy!” Weasel said.
“Me too, me too!” All the other animals said happily.
“What about the little rock?” The field mouse was busy asking.
“The little stone was warmed by the sun before I took it back into the bottle. Feel it, and it is still warm.” The little white rabbit carefully removed the little stone from the box again and held it in his hand to the animals.
So the animals stretched out their hands and touched the little stone, and they all felt that the little rock was warm, and they also felt that the little white rabbit’s burrow was friendly, as if the sun was shining on it.
“Little white rabbit, you are amazing!” The field mouse and the other animals cheered.
“We now understand why you said they were as precious as food and water. Indeed, if you had been like us at first and just collected food for the winter, then now, the burrow would not have felt the beauty of autumn or the warmth of spring. And this wonderful feeling is as important as food and water.” This is a common exclamation from the animals.
While collecting food, they also collect fiery red maple leaves, warm small stones, etc., to feel the beauty of autumn in the harsh winter and warm their huts. The white rabbit taught us a vivid lesson: it is the same to live, but different ways to live and other moods to live! If you are in a good mood, everything will be fine!

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