War Horse and Farmer – Facing the ups and downs of life frankly.

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A warhorse had been galloping on the battlefield for many years and had made great achievements. It had also been personally received by the army chief for bringing back its wounded master from the battlefield and was put on a big red flower and celebrated around the city.
Later, this war horse was wounded in a battle and was sent to the rear to recuperate. After it recovered, the troops sold it to a lame farmer.
One day, as the farmer bridled the horse and sent it to the mill to pull the mill, the horse cried.
“Man, I have not treated you badly, why are you crying?” The farmer heard the crying and asked the horse curiously.
“I am crying, not because you have treated me badly, but because I am crying for my own fate. You know, I used to be a highly decorated war horse, enjoying unlimited honor; but now I have to spend my life in this shabby little mill, with a heavy stone mill. So, I was so sad that I couldn’t help crying out.”
“I used to be a brave soldier, and once received a military medal for bravery in battle. Later, I was wounded in a battle and was discharged to my hometown, but I don’t feel any difference between my life now and before! See, don’t I have a happy life every day?”

It is human to miss the glory of the past, but when you cry over missing the sun, you will likewise miss the brilliant stars.
Life is like that. Sometimes glory and wealth, sometimes difficult; sometimes high up, sometimes the nose, but no matter what the situation, we must be open-minded, to face life openly. Only in this way, when the situation changes suddenly will one not have a sense of loss and pain, in order to face the ups and downs of life openly.

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