Two Poor Brothers – Having Reasonable Desires to Achieve Happiness

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Once upon a time, a pair of poor brothers lived in a thatched hut left by their parents and lived by burning and selling charcoal. The brothers had a clear division of labor, and each had his job. The brother burned charcoal on the mountain, while the younger brother carried the burnt charcoal to the town to sell it every day.
The brother cut wood and charcoal daily, engaging in heavy and monotonous labor week after week. Still, he was pleased and satisfied because when he cut wood, there were often birds chirping around, and the brother felt that he was enjoying the most beautiful music in the world; when burning charcoal, although usually covered with soot, through the red flames of the kiln, he seemed to see the red-hot days ahead. Therefore, the brother is always happy, although often full of dust, but can not hide his simple smile; although his lips are usually dry and cracked under the hot baking, he whistled full of joy.
His brother was tired of his life, the bottom of his heart. He thought he was engaged in the most humble labor, mainly when he carried charcoal to the town to sell; this feeling is more intense. Therefore, he was sad all day long, lamenting his life and hating himself for not being born into a wealthy family. Whenever my brother went to town, he saw that the taverns were full of gorgeous boys with big bowls of meat and wine, while he was not only in rags but also a charcoal seller covered in black. Worse, he fell in love with the town mayor’s daughter. On that occasion, he was selling charcoal on the street when a group of people opened the way in front of him, followed by four palanquin bearers carrying a sedan chair. When he crouched down to pick up the charcoal scattered on the ground, the palanquin just passed in front of him. Coincidentally, a gust of wind blew by and lifted a corner of the palanquin curtain, and he saw a woman sitting inside who looked like a flower. The brother’s heart pounded, and he felt that as long as he could marry this woman, it would be a great blessing in his life.
Although he later learned from others that the woman was the mayor’s daughter, this did not affect the brother’s desire; he even thought that only the mayor’s daughter was worthy of him. So, after a charcoal sale, he went to the mayor’s house, but what he got in addition to a beating with a stick, he also learned that the mayor’s daughter-in-law already had an in-law, and the wedding date was on the eighth day of the following month.
After that, my brother was no longer in the mood to sell charcoal. He sighed all day long, either imagining that he had married the young lady or drowned his sorrows in wine, and when he got drunk, he cursed heaven and earth and his parents and cursed God for being unfair to him.
Later, the happy brother moved the God of the mountain, the God of the hill, to their beautiful, kind daughter and married brother. From then on, the brother lived a happy and fulfilling life. And the brother, until his hair is gray, or alone.
Fortunate and unfortunate, there is no absolute standard. Like the brother in the fable, if a person’s wishes are unrealistic, you can no longer pursue them, but ultimately can not be achieved. When we have a deep desire for something, after several efforts but ultimately can not be achieved, we will begin to complain about the unfairness of fate, will start to lament our misfortune, but are not willing to quietly take a little time to think about, perhaps their so-called misfortune, not the gift of God. Still, their hopes are unrealistic and can not be achieved and caused. Those who often feel happy in life are precisely those who have reasonable desires and can perform them through their honest work.

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