Two mules – loving what they do

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On the mountain road, two mules, each pulling a wagon, were slowly moving forward. The one mule in front was going well, while the one behind often stopped. The owner had to move the goods from the back to the show. The mule pulling the car behind was then able to move briskly.
So this mule said to the one in front of him.
“What good result do you get from working hard? The harder you work, the more people will torture you!”
When they reached home, the owner said.
“If I can pull a cart with only one mule, why should I keep two mules? Why don’t I feed one mule well and slaughter the other for meat?”
So he sent the lazy mule to the slaughterhouse.
No matter the situation, we must not feel disgusted with our work because work is the concrete expression of one’s quality. Loving your work means always being proactive and starting with the little things. When you put all your energy into your work, you will likely get a promotion or take on a more critical job.

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