Two Dream Interpreters – Putting Yourself in Each Other’s Shoes

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Long ago, a king dreamed at night that all his teeth had fallen out. When he woke up, he was so upset that he immediately summoned a dream interpreter and asked him what the dream meant.

After listening to the dream interpreter, he said, “Your Majesty, this is really unfortunate. It means that your loved ones will meet with disaster, because every tooth that falls out represents the death of one of your loved ones!”

“What, you nonsense fellow!” The king shouted angrily at him, “How dare you say such unlucky things to me? What audacity!” The king turned his head and ordered, “Men! Take this man out and beat him 50 times.”

Shortly after, the king sent another dream interpreter to ask him for the sign of the dream he had. Hearing the king’s dream, this dream interpreter immediately congratulated the king and said, “You are lucky, king, this dream means you will outlive all your relatives!”

Hearing this, the king’s gloomy face immediately brightened up, and he said with a smile, “Your dream interpretation is still very good, guard, immediately accompany him to the treasury to receive 50 gold coins.”

On the way, the guard said to the dream interpreter, “As far as I can hear, your interpretation is no different from the first one!” The dream interpreter smiled and said, “Sometimes the key is not in the meaning you express, but in the way you express it!”

When spoken by different people, the exact words will have different reactions. And it takes skill to make the same meaningful words sound good. Although we see things through our own eyes, the wisest way is to first stand in a different position, stand in the other person’s point of view to think, and then a new form of expression, then you can receive unexpected results.

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