Toad with a quick temper – too quick in nature is not good for you

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Toad and Malu are good friends. Once, Toad asked Malu: “I always live in water, why is my body not as clean as yours?”

Malu replied, “When I was born, my mother boiled a pot of boiling water.”

The Toad is impatient, did not wait for Malu to finish, interrupted its words, and asked, “After the water boiled, you jumped in?”

Malu originally wanted to say that after the boiling water-cooled, his mother bathed it and then anointed it with oil so its body was always clean.

But the Toad simply did not let Malu say and then asked: “You jumped in?”

Malu had no choice but to answer, “Yes, jumped.”

Toad returned to his mother’s place and clamored for a hot bath. “But…” As soon as Toad’s mother opened her mouth, Toad interrupted it, “I have asked Malu, it is a hot bath to clean the body, you do not care.” Mother Toad had to go away. When the water was on the stove, the Toad was eager to jump into the pot, the hot water scalded it pain, then scampered out of the pot, but the body was almost all scalded. After healing, it became full of spots and bumps.

The only way to solve problems is to be calm and peaceful. Suppose a person is always too anxious, too hot-tempered, and quickly gets hot-headed. In that case, he will keep finding trouble for himself, just like the Toad, who wanted to wash clean and have a beautiful appearance but did not think that; instead, they scale lumps, ugly. In addition, when listening to people, you must wait until the other party has finished speaking. Otherwise, rushing to a conclusion about something is harmful without hearing the keywords. Therefore, patience to listen to the words of others is not only a courtesy but also good for you to make a decision.

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