Toad and the God of Beauty – Happiness is more important than beauty

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The toad was often in pain because of his ugly appearance. So, the toad kept praying to God, begging Him to give it a beautiful appearance.

God appeared and said to it, “Since you are so dissatisfied with your appearance, you should change your identity with Venus, the goddess of beauty.”

The toad happily exchanged identities with the God of beauty. But within a few days, it began to pray to God again, begging Him to help it change to its original identity.

“Why? Don’t you want to be beautiful? You are now the God of beauty! Is there anything you are not satisfied with?” God asked in surprise.

“Indeed, although I am now the god of beauty, enjoying the world’s admiration and worship every day, I can’t bear the pain of breaking my arm and the loneliness of being a human idol for the sake of beauty compared to this pain, my previous ones are nothing at all!”

However, unexpectedly, Venus, the goddess of beauty, who had become a toad, said she was no longer willing to resume her former identity. She said, “Although I now have an ugly appearance, I am free, happy, happy for me, more important than anything else!”

The love of beauty is common to all, but if one sacrifices freedom and happiness for the sake of beauty, as the toad did, one is doing a big money-losing business!

Indeed, happiness is more important than anything else! You have a good mood every day, satisfaction, and a beautiful appearance with joy. Although it can attract the eyes of others and get some praise, sometimes it can also bring pain for yourself – such as the pain of Venus’ broken arm and loneliness.

You should cherish all God has given you and not blindly envy others, especially beauty. Appearance is for others to see; it does not matter whether it is beautiful or ugly, while the mind belongs to yourself. Therefore, the happiness of the soul is more important than anything else!

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