Three tuna fish – their destiny in their own hands

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The sea tide, the tide ebbs when the three big tuna in the sea get stranded in the shallow water.
In the shallows, the big fish are heroic and short of breath; all lost the old style.
The big fish discussed how to make their own back to the sea; they hope to be able to use the opportunity of the tide again, back to the sea against the water. But the wave again until when it is not known, and now they have a fishing boat in front of blocking the way.
With all its strength, the first tuna jumped over the fishing boat with an arrow and returned to the sea.
The second tuna lurked in the water and grass and took the opportunity to escape the fishing boat.
The third tuna was lying in the shallow water, thinking that maybe the fishing boat could not find itself, so why should it take so much effort? Let’s wait for the high tide.
The fishing boat passed by the shoal and caught the third tuna away.
The third tuna paid the price of its life for its passive waiting.

Be the master of your destiny, and should not be at the mercy of fate. Taking your luck into your own hands and deciding your future by yourself is better than leaving your chance to a fluke or someone else after all! When encountering difficulties, as long as you are good at tapping your potential and finding a way out from yourself, you can reverse your fate and have the strength and courage to solve the difficulties you face.

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