Three monks – Don’t overemphasize your own merits.

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One day, three monks on a mission happened to meet in a dilapidated temple not far from the capital.
“Why is this temple deserted?” I don’t know which of them asked this question.
“It must be because the monks are not pious, so the Bodhisattva is not spiritual.” Monk A said.
“It must be because the monk is not diligent, so the temple is not repaired.” Monk B said.
“It must be that the monks are not respectful, so the incense-bearers are not many.” Monk C said.
The three men argued and finally decided to stay and do their best to see who could be most successful.
So Monk A saluted the Buddha and read the sutras, Monk B organized the temple, and Monk C made the sutras. With the joint efforts of the three monks, the temple’s incense gradually flourished, and the temple was renovated and restored to its old outlook. After some time, the three monks had a dispute.
“It’s all because I am pious in my rituals, so the Bodhisattva shows his spirit.” Monk A said.
“It’s all because of my diligent management, so the temple is full of services.” Monk B said.
“It is all because of my exhortation to the world that there are many visitors.” Monk C said.
The three monks argued about this day and night, and the temple’s prosperity gradually disappeared again. When the temple had fallen into disrepair, the three monks had to go their way and find another way out.
On the day of the breakup, the three monks finally came to a unanimous conclusion: the temple was deserted, neither monks not pious, nor monks not diligent, nor monks not respect, but monks not good!
Communication is the beginning of cooperation. Even if you are excellent in all aspects, even if you think you can solve the work in front of you with one person’s strength, do not look too wild, know that there is a later, later you do not always complete all tasks, so be friendly to colleagues. When colleagues help us to express gratitude, when the work is completed, and we get certain achievements, it must be time for each involved, the colleagues and supervisors, to express their sincere gratitude. The individual and the team are mutually influential, good cooperation, team conscious people, the team can also bring him permanent gains.

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