The Wounded Tortoise – Be True to Yourself

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When the tortoise was sunbathing on the beach, it was ridiculed by the crabs: “Look, what a monster it is, with a thick shell on its back and a pattern on it, it’s ugly.”
After hearing this, the turtle felt ashamed because he had long hated this body armor, but it was brought out of the mother’s womb. It can not change, so he retracted his head into the shell, wanting to come to the eyes, not to hear, to get quiet.
When the crabs saw that the tortoise did not resist, they advanced, “Yo, there is still a shame. Think you can change your fate of wearing a torn vest at birth by shrinking your head in?”
After the crabs left, the turtle stretched out its head, moved its limbs and found a reef, where it kept grinding its back on the reef, trying to wear off the broken vest that brought it shame.
Finally, the turtle smoothed his back, the vest was gone, but it made the whole body bloody and painful.
That day, the East China Sea Dragon King ascended to the court, announced that the turtle family for the first Earl, and made them all go to court to bow to the holy grace.
In the turtle family group, the dragon king saw at a glance the turtle had no vest and said angrily: “Where are you demon, dare to impersonate a member of the turtle family to be sealed?”
“Your Majesty, I am a tortoise!”
“Unbridled, you still want to deceive me. The vest is the symbol of your turtle. Now that you have no symbol and have lost its original color, you are no longer a turtle.” After saying that, the dragon king waved his hand. Shrimp soldiers and crab generals lost the original color of the turtle and drove out of the dragon palace.
The original color is the most vital. Lose the actual color. You lose the characteristics, lose the meaning of existence. However, unfortunately, many people, driven by vanity, try every possible way to cover up their defects or shortcomings, but do not think that often coincidentally become clumsy, the more you want to make yourself perfect, the more flaws exposed to people, and some of them will also be uncomfortable and stupid methods to make themselves “embarrassed,” the story of the tortoise on The story of the tortoise illustrates such a truth.
Therefore, whether you are born beautiful or not, you should not be proud of this or this and inferiority because everyone is unique. You are you and do not change yourself to meet the “taste” of others. Otherwise, you will be disgusted by people because you lost your true colors.

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