The Worried Golden Monkey – Those who worry too much about the future must worry about the future

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The birthday of the Monkey King on Mount Huaguo was approaching, and he ordered the monkeys from all over the mountain to send a representative from each peak to celebrate his birthday on the day of his birthday.

The monkey elder on the eastern mountain hastily prepared a generous gift and dispatched his golden monkey to Mount Huaguo to celebrate his birthday. The golden monkeys received orders and went.

The golden monkey carried the gift just a short distance; it suddenly remembered from the East Mountain to Mount Huaguo is a thousand miles away; if the road thirsty, hungry how to do it? So, it returned to the East Mountain, took some water and dry food, and re-entered the roadway.

Not far out, it thought, now it is the rainy season if the rainstorm, what to do? So it went back to the east mountain and got a straw coat.

Not far out again, it thought, the road to Mount Huaguo passed through a large forest. If you encounter a fierce lion, how do you do? So, it returned to the east mountain and took a shotgun on its back.

Once again, not far out, it thought, the road to Mount Huaguo to climb the mountain across the river, once the night is dark and slippery, how to do? So, it returned to the east mountain to take some pine name.

On the way, the golden monkey did not encounter any trouble. There were wild fruits all over the road, endless food and sweet springs, no heavy rain, no lions, and the pine nuts didn’t come in handy because there was a moon then. The golden monkeys arrived at Mount Huaguo without any problems.

However, when the golden monkey saw the Monkey King, he realized that the Monkey King had finished his birthday the day before.

“How dare you! Didn’t your elders tell you what day my birthday was?”

“I was told, but, I …….” Golden Monkey pointed to those things he carried on his body.

The Monkey King became even angrier when he knew the reason for the Golden Monkey’s tardiness. It bellowed angrily, and the monkeys rushed forward and escorted the golden monkey into the dungeon.

You have received “people without long-term concerns, there must be near worry,” “do not fight unprepared battles,” and so on advice; you may have been bored. However, young people must receive such education. However, this parable is to warn you that if you think too far ahead, you will also have worries shortly!

Considering all aspects of a situation in detail is one of the prerequisites for success. However, too much consideration is a kind of procrastination, but also a burden; and once the unnecessary burden is added, you can no longer relax on the battlefield; you once thought it was essential to “prepare” will be delayed, delayed your time, and spoil your big event.

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