The world champion and the mosquitoes-The man who is good at controlling his emotions will win in the end.

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In a world-renowned event, the billiards world champion was on the doorstep of defending his title. He needs to hit the last 8 black balls into the goal, and the song of triumph will be played. Just then, a mosquito flew in from nowhere. The mosquito landed on the arm holding the club for the first time. There was some itching, and the champion stopped. The mosquito flew away, which passed down on the champion’s locked brow this time. The winner reluctantly had to stop, annoyed to hit the mosquito. The mosquito again lightly and quickly escaped. The champion took a deep breath and prepared to hit the ball again.
Oh my! He found the mosquito was back, landing on the black ball No.8 like a ghost. Furious, the champion took his club and stabbed at the mosquito. The mosquito was frightened and flew away, but the club touched the black ball, which did not go into the hole. According to the game’s rules, it was the opponent’s turn to hit the ball. The opponent seized the opportunity to return from the dead and scored all the balls he was supposed to shoot in one breath.
The champion hated that mosquito when he failed to defend his title. Unfortunately, he became seriously ill and never had the chance to play again. When he was dying, he still had a grudge against that mosquito.
Words of wisdom:
Because of a mosquito and failure to defend the title, it is deplorable. But if that champion can take the big picture at that time and control the emotion, regret will not happen. It can be seen as the control of emotions in a person how important. If you let resentment grow, you will be overwhelmed by anger and do something irrational, losing a lot of money for nothing. Therefore, everyone should be sensitive to unpleasant things, good at regulating their emotions, to be the master of emotions.

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