The work should consider putting a long line to catch a big fish.

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I only get this money; why do I have to do so much work? I do the work to afford the money on the line.
Many times, we will hear many people complaining: our boss is too stingy, only give us this salary, the company makes so much money a year, all alone. Or: the manager does not do much more work than I ah, but his salary is higher than mine a large block, he took more, should do better, I need to afford the salary on the line, more I do not do.
It is undeniable that in a unit or organization, there will be this or that not as good as it should be, pay the staff salary or other rewards is also have unfairness, to know that it is inevitable. But of all the responses to such problems, the approach described above is the least desirable.
Many people have the misconception that I am working for my boss and that my salary must be equal to my work (over and above is, of course, better); that is, you are buying my labour with money, and I will provide the quality at whatever price you offer.
There are several errors in this thinking.
First, the purpose and reward of work are not just a paycheck. People need to work, they need social belonging and recognition, and one’s talent can only grow in the refinement of work, and as long as you work with a positive and happy attitude, you can enjoy a sense of achievement in your progress and work achievements. Negative resistance can only be self-destructive: their business has not progressed, the work is not serious and responsible, and of course, will not attract people.
Second, in measuring the results of a person’s work, there may be a temporary difference in standards, but it is unlikely to be imbalanced for a long time. Perhaps the boss did not realize or discover your ability from the beginning because it takes a process and sets a lower salary standard for you. If you can’t get it right and neglect your work, then most of your strengths are frozen and wasted by you, and your salary is hardly likely to increase because the boss is still thinking: this kid is so two-fold, his contribution to the company is lower than the salary given to him.
Finally, I advise you: there are many ways to solve the problem, and negativity is the least desirable.

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