The work ethic of two cows – always put the important things first.

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In the cattle pen, the two cows began discussing spring plowing.
“Let’s start plowing tomorrow, or we’ll miss the best time to plant.” The big bull said.
“No, I think we should go and haul a few wagons of manure to the field first; besides, we have to go to town to fix the plow and harrow; and we should repair the cattle pen ……” said the big flowered cow.
“There are many things we must do, but as long as we do the most important ones first, we can certainly not go wrong, so I suggest plowing the ground first.” Big Yellow Bull said.
However, the giant floral cow disagreed with the big yellow cow, so the two of them had to go their separate ways and do their work.
The next day, the bull got up and went straight to plow the land that belonged to him. On the other hand, the bull went to town with a square step to repair the plow, came back with a plank to repair the cattle pen, and then went to town again to pull fertilizer. After a few days of tossing and turning, the giant floral cow had missed the best time for planting.
On the other hand, the bull always chooses the most important thing to do, and after plowing the ground, he sows the seeds. While waiting for the seeds to germinate, he went to town to buy fertilizer and spread it into the environment……
Now, the big yellow cow’s crop is growing happily, while the big flower cow is still busy plowing the ground!
At work, if you are also like the big flowered cow in the fable when things are not prioritized, then the result will get messed up, and you will never have an easy time.
First of all, when we start working every day, we can make a priority list, write down the essential things of the day on the table, then start doing the first one until it is finished; then, use the same method to do the second thing, the third thing …… until the end of the day. Even if you only complete one thing all day, it doesn’t matter because you always do the most important thing.
Second, make full use of the most efficient time, that is, the most crucial work scheduled in the day you the most efficient time to do, so that you can spend less effort to do more work.
Finally, remove the things you don’t have to do, and delegate the things you have to do but don’t necessarily want to do yourself.

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