The Words of the Wise Old Man – Too Many Words Will Make a Difference

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One day a man came to the wise older man and confided his remorse.

It turned out that when he was chatting in public, he had accidentally said the wrong thing and hurt the heart of a highly respected older man. Now he was deeply remorseful. He was upset about his outburst and asked the wise older man what he had to do to make up for his mistake.

The wise older man gave him a bag of feathers and asked the man to walk around the town at night, put a feather on the steps in front of each house, and the following day, go back and retrieve them one by one. Then, tell him the result.

The next day, the man came to the wise old man with a sad face: “Wise old man,” he said with a sad face, “last night, I put the feather as you said, but this morning, when I retrieved the feather, I could not find even one.”

“So it is with the words you have spoken,” explained the wise old man, “that as soon as they are uttered, they fly away and can never be retrieved.”

Therefore, in a crowded field of speech, paying attention to proportions, careless words, and touching the privacy of others, shortcomings or self-esteem, will make others can not step down, or make things very bad, to get an excellent interpersonal relationship for their own “hidden trouble. In any place and occasion, sit should not be said to shut up; the more you say, the more you look mediocre, and the more likely to say something stupid.

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