The Woman and God – Giving is also a pleasure

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A woman was sitting on a pile of gold and silver, but inexplicably, she still held out her hands and begged for something from the people passing by.
God walked in the woman’s direction, and the woman held out her hands to him.
“You already have so much gold and silver treasures, and you are not satisfied?” God asked.
“Yes. Although I have so much gold and silver, I am not the least bit satisfied; I want more money, honor, success, and love.” The woman replied.
God took out of his pocket the honor, success, and love the woman needed and gave them to her.
Two months later, when God passed by again, he saw the woman still sitting on the gold and silver pile and held his hands to the passerby.
“You have all you need, are you still not satisfied?” God asked.
“Yes. Although I have received so many things, I am not satisfied, I still need to be happy!” The woman said.
“If you really want to be happy, then please start giving from now.” God said.
Six months later, God passed by again and saw the woman standing by the side of the road, she had a little more gold and silver with her, and she gave them to the passersby.
The woman gave money to the poor who had nothing to eat or wear, honor and success to the losers, love to the lost, and finally, she had nothing. But the woman smiled as she watched people take what she gave them and go away full of gratitude.
“Are you happy now?” God asked.
“Yes, I am happy now. I was begging, getting this and then wanting that, and my greed made me not know what it meant to be happy, but I know now. The joy is in the grateful glances they give me when I give to others.” The woman replied.

The true meaning of the joy of giving over receiving is that if someone is thankful, you thank that person too because he gets your love, accepts your gift, helps you to fulfill your wishes, and allows you to shower the gift of love on him.
The more you share, the more you give, the more you have. In fact, the more you give, the more freshwater flows from that fountain you never knew existed.

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