The wolf with evil intentions – Don’t make traps for others

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One day, the lion king suddenly fell ill, and the animals knew about it and came to visit him.

The wolf, the king of horseshit, thought that now was the chance, so he was the first to rush to the lion king’s cave and brought an obese hen he had just caught from the farmer as a gift to the lion king.

The Lion King was delighted and said to the animals who arrived afterward, “The wolf is the first great loyal servant of my dynasty, and its filial piety and loyalty to me are evident to all of you, and in the future, you should all learn from it.”

“Yes, honored king.” Although the animals were dissatisfied with the wolf, they were all afraid to do anything to the wolf because of the authority of the Lion King.

“Respected Lion King, the tortoise has long had second thoughts about you, look, it hasn’t come to see you until now!” The wolf began to move the truth. But the words were heard by the tortoise who had just arrived, and the lion immediately roared at the tortoise.

“Respected king, I am late because when I heard the news that you were sick, I hurriedly looked around for medicine to find a good remedy for your illness.” The tortoise defended himself.

“So you are the most loyal person to me, come out with the remedy.” The lion turned his anger into joy.

“My lord, this is a recipe I got from a human, and the person who told me is said to be a descendant of Hua Tuo.” The tortoise said.

“Quickly, offer it.” The lion king danced with joy.

“The secret recipe says that to cure the king’s disease, you must skin a wolf and wrap your body while the skin is still hot, and the king will be cured immediately.”

In this way, the wolf was immediately caught and skinned alive.

People with evil thoughts often think of making traps for others, but they do not understand that one day they will also fall into the “net” of others. Therefore, we should be kind-hearted, try to get along with others, and treat each other sincerely. If you always think about counting others, you will eventually be calculated. On the other hand, those who are kind will be respected and loved by people for their excellent qualities.

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