The wise and brave rabbit – turning reluctance into strength.

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The little rabbit Tina has always lived with her mother. They go up to the mountain every day at dawn to pick mushrooms and cut grass to prepare food for the winter. Because of the company of her mother, the little rabbit felt that such a day was joyful.
One day, a lame wolf came to the little rabbit’s house. He said that the money the rabbit’s mother had borrowed from him had never been repaid, and he had come to collect the debt today.
“But, sir, I have never seen you before, so how could I borrow money from you?” The mother rabbit argued.
“Oh, it was last summer, on Laddie Mountain, you ran into me and begged me to lend you ten dollars, saying that your daughter was sick and needed to see a doctor, have you forgotten.” The lame wolf said as he looked up and down at Tina, the little rabbit.
“Sir, I think you are remembering wrong, my daughter has always been healthy and has never had any illness ……”
“That’s enough! You nagging old man, no money to pay your debts, then mortgage your daughter to me!” After saying that, the lame wolf grabbed Tina and left.
“Please, sir, as long as you let my daughter go, I’ll go with you.” The mother rabbit stepped forward to protect her daughter.
“You, you old bones, my teeth are old, I’m afraid I can’t chew them.” The lame wolf laughed hideously, “However, your daughter is too skinny and small, not enough to stuff my teeth. Well, for the sake of your begging me, I will leave your daughter for the time being and let you come with me.” “Mr. Wolf, please don’t take my mother away.” The little rabbit Tina begged the wolf not to take her mother, but the wolf pushed her to the ground and left with her mother.
When Tina grew up, she often thought of the scene when the lame wolf took away her mother, so she searched worldwide to seek revenge on the lame wolf.
One time, when Tina was crossing a mountain, she suddenly found a line of footprints extending to a cave, and the cave was full of chicken feathers and rabbit feathers. “It’s a wolf’s burrow; it must be.” Tina, the rabbit, squatted down and carefully examined the line of footprints, and it found that one impression was very shallow while the others were very deep. “It’s a lame wolf; only a lame wolf would leave footprints of different depths, it must be it.” Tina, the little rabbit, thought to herself, “Lame wolf, your time of death has come.” But it knew that it could not fight the lame wolf with its strength alone, but it was unwilling to give up like that.
Tina, the little rabbit, knew it was useless to resent the lame wolf, but she should turn her reluctance into motivation to help herself overcome the lame wolf.
So she gently approached the cave entrance and heard a snoring sound from inside. It turned out that the lame wolf had gone to the farm at the bottom of the hill and stolen a chicken, and on the way out, he stole a bottle of wine from his master. When he returned to the cave, he had eaten and drunk enough and slept heavily.
The opportunity came, and the little rabbit thought that if he ran down the hill to call the hunter now, he was afraid the wolf would wake up before the hunter arrived. “What should I do?” The little rabbit paced while contemplating and accidentally tripped over a stone and almost fell. “Yes, I can block the hole with a stone!” With the thought of Tina, the little rabbit quickly lifted a stone and blocked the hole.
When the crippled wolf woke up, the cave entrance was blocked, and he was starved in the cave.
Later, the animals in the animal kingdom knew about this incident and praised Tina, the rabbit, as a hero of wisdom and courage.
When the goat reporter interviewed Tina, he asked her, “What kind of strength inspired you to lift a rock several times heavier than yourself?”
Tina said, “It was the reluctance that turned into motivation that made me lift a rock several times heavier than myself.”

Resistance can also be transformed into motivation, depending on what kind of mentality you use to deal with it. In everyone’s way forward, it is inevitable to encounter resistance if only to complain about God; in the end, it will not help; it is better to turn the mood of reluctance into strength so that it is equal to a big step towards success. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this truth; they encounter resistance to sulk or complain about God but do not know to fight, not to mention the opposition into the power to move forward, to save themselves from passivity and failure in the situation.

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