The winning wild donkey – a sincere greeting to the victor

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In the animal kingdom, a sporting event was coming to an end. The elephant won the wrestling championship, the duckling won the swimming championship, and the tiger won the boxing championship.

When the zebra and the wild donkey were competing for the marathon championship, the donkey was finally defeated in the middle of the race due to physical exhaustion. Still, he applauded the zebra who ran to the finish line without complaining.

At the end of the race, the lion king himself announced that he had given the “top manners prize” to the wild ass.

“Why?” A reporter asked the Lion King.

“When everyone was applauding and cheering for their own family athletes to win the championship, only the wild donkey did not forget to cheer for others.”

In life, we should learn to cheer for others and sincerely salute the winners so that we can develop the style of everyone and gain the respect of others.

Cheering for others is a kind of wisdom and performance of character cultivation. Those who know how to cheer for others will eventually win the applause of others. Ask yourself, do you often cheer for others? If not, then please start now.

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