The White Rabbit Who Planted Flowers – Fill Your World with Love

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In the forest, the white rabbit planted colorful flowers around his burrow.
When the wolf saw it, he asked, “Miss Rabbit, why are you planting so many beautiful flowers? Is it because you want to trade them for pocket money?”
“No, Mr. Wolf, I just want passers-by who pass by my house to smell a fresh fragrance.”
“Then can I pick one?”
“Of course, that was one of my intentions. A friend passing by is free to pick a flower to take home. I think if you pick that ‘blue siren’ and give it to your girlfriend, she will be moved to tears.”
“Okay, thank you, Miss Rabbit. But the ‘blue siren’ is one of the most valuable flowers you have here, won’t you be heartbroken if I pick it away?”
“It won’t. As long as the people who pick the flowers are in a good mood and can bring them a pleasant life, I will be satisfied.”
After a while, when the squirrel passed by the hare’s house, he also saw the flower garden and the hare who was watering the flowers.
“Oh, boy, what beautiful flowers you have planted!” The squirrel finished and took a deep breath of the fragrance wafting from the flowers.
“Uncle Squirrel, you also pick a lily and take it back to your aunt Squirrel, she will be very happy.”
“But I don’t have any money with me, son.”
“My flowers are free to passers-by. Uncle Squirrel, just feel free to pick one.” The little white rabbit smiled and said.
“Well, all right. You’re a good, kind boy.”
As time passed, word spread throughout the animal kingdom about the little white rabbit giving flowers to passersby for free. When the lion king knew about it, he was very puzzled by the behavior of the white rabbit, so he decided to go ahead and find out what had happened.
“Can you tell me the purpose of your doing this?” The lion king asked the white rabbit.
“I have only one purpose. When people take my flowers and offer them to their loved ones or friends, they must be in a happy mood. Knowing that you can bring joy to others, such a life, too, is a pleasant life.”
The value of a flower is small and small, but the joy it brings to people is much, much more. Let our world be filled with love, and we will be overwhelmed with joy because of this love.

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