The Weeping Second Hand – Don’t Worry About Tomorrow

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In the rich man’s living room hung a clock on the wall. Late one night, the second hand suddenly sobbed: “My life is so hard! I never get a break, not even for a second. It’s so unfair that I keep on running every day, week after week! Whenever I run one lap, the long needle takes one step; when I run sixty laps, the short needle moves one foot. I must run 1,440 laps a day, 30 days a month, and a year? How will I have the strength to run tomorrow when I am so thin and yet I must run without losing a second?”
Stopped on the clock shell of a mosquito heard, comforted the second hand, “Do not think about tomorrow; you just need to go forward step by step; you will feel very easy and pleasant.”
As the mosquito said, you will feel relaxed and happy only step by step forward and live each day.

A person is always worried about tomorrow; it will cause dissatisfaction and stress in the heart. Life is not always as you want it to be, and things do not always turn out how you want them to, so you spend a lot of time in depression and complaining, thinking that life will be different from what it is. So, instead of pursuing your growth, you blame the cruelty of life, and in this way, the pressure and frustration you are carrying will be even heavier.

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