The war horse that walked into the slaughterhouse – a lighter look at life’s glory and humiliation

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A warhorse rode with the soldiers on the battlefield and made great achievements, and later saved the soldiers’ lives in a battle. After the battle, the soldiers thanked it by giving it a new harness and hanging a big red flower around its neck, leading it around the horse farm and making all the horses salute it.
At that moment, a pony said to him, “You are marvelous; you have received such a great honor, which is unique in the family history of our horse family; it is enviable.”
The horse said indifferently, “What is there to envy? I did my part.”

Three months later, the horse was badly wounded on the battlefield, and the veterinarian decided to send it to the slaughterhouse because it could not be cured. While entering the slaughterhouse, he met up with the former pony, “Ha, you are in a miserable situation; think how powerful and handsome you were three months ago, man, you are really lucky; you can enjoy one moment in heaven, the next to hell, this world!
“There’s nothing to be sad about, I’m just one step ahead of you on this road that everyone has to take.” The wounded horse finished his speech and calmly walked into the slaughterhouse.

In a person’s life, such as a cluster of red and dazzling flowers, there are also dark and depressing days. In the face of honor and disgrace, as long as you look at it with a normal mind, you will win a wide space for their hearts; gain without joy, loss without worry, to grasp the self beyond the self. Trouble will breed if you care too much about the glory and shame. Whether it is honor or disgrace, we should treat it with a normal heart; only then will it not be honor or disgrace to sway the emotions.

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