The Wagon Driver and Hercules – Do not ask others for what you should do

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A wagon driver was driving a wagon full of goods on a country road.
Suddenly his car fell into a deep mud puddle, and the driver froze, standing there, staring at the carriage, helpless to do anything.
Later, the coachman knelt and prayed loudly, “Hercules, Hercules, please help me!”
Not long after, Hercules appeared and said to the coachman, “My friend, please use your shoulders to push up the wheel and then whip your horse, don’t try to ask me to help you until you have tried your best to help yourself, you are praying to me, it is of no use.”
A charioteer shouldn’t hope for help without even trying to see if he can push the car. “God helps those who help themselves” “self-help” is the first condition for people to stand on their feet, do their work, can win the respect of others. When there are practical difficulties, you will get the help of others, and others help you will also feel happy.

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