The vain Countess – no deliberate grooming of appearance

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The Countess was preparing to attend a ball at Madame Weil’s house. On that day, before dawn, the Countess woke up early, instructed her maid to light candles, and started to dress.

Since the Countess had gray hair, she had to wear a wig. But the Countess did not want others to see the flaw, so she asked the maid to wear a wig to cover up the surroundings seamlessly. The maid did not dare to disobey the Countess’s order, so she carefully put on the hair cover for her. But the Countess was not satisfied; the maid had to repeatedly put on, take off, put on again, and back and forth for an hour before the wig was put on.

The Countess’s eyebrows are sparse; according to the Countess’s request, the maid took the eyebrow pencil left and right. Still, the Countess blamed her for drawing too thick, and then blamed her for drawing too thin, and then shouted that the left side was drawn high, and then blamed the right side for drawing low, and so repeatedly tossed for an hour; the Countess was satisfied to put down the mirror.

At that time, it was already dawn.

Next, the Countess asked the maid to start wiping powder for her face because the Countess’s face has countless “pits” of different sizes, and the foundation thickness varies; the maid had to fill each “pit” little by little and then wipe the powder for the whole face. The powder is the dash is good, but another hour has passed.

The coachman had already prepared the carriage outside the house and told the Countess that she should go because there was still a long journey to the ball venue.

But the Countess paid no attention to it but stood in front of the wide dressing mirror and began to try on her dress. At that moment, the Countess felt hungry, as she had not eaten for three days to lower the “height” of her bulging belly.

“Madam, you’d better finish your breakfast before you go; I see your body is already trembling.” The maid cautiously reminded. Cut the crap! Hurry up and bring me the crystal necklace!” The Countess interrupted the maid and said in a stern voice.

Then came the selection of socks and matching shoes for the Countess ……

When the Countess was delighted with herself in the mirror, she entered the carriage parked outside the house. However, by the time the Countess arrived at Mrs. Weir’s house, the ball was nearing its end.

Everyone exclaimed in amazement when the Countess appeared at the ball.

“God! What a fine air you have!”

“Your hair is so beautiful!”

“You are so charming!”

Hearing a chorus of compliments, the Countess said smugly, “Of course I know I am most charming, for it took me nearly eight hours just to put on my make-up for this ball!”

“Oh, do you have so much to hide on your body?” From the corner came a man’s low voice.

“Ha ……” The room full of people burst out laughing at that.

Amid the laughter, the Countess suddenly fainted on the floor. The people were busy to stop laughing and went up to surround the Countess in horror.

“It’s all right, please give the Countess a bowl of ginseng soup, she is already faint from hunger. She has not eaten anything for three days in order to keep her figure slim.” The Countess’s maid came forward and whispered to Mrs. Weir.

Once again, the sound of laughter filled the room.

You must have laughed at the Countess’s stupidity, forgetting that you also spend a lot of time in the mirror daily to cover up a specific flaw in your body. A little defect is not terrible, and the appropriate cover is not wrong, but if you just the sake of vanity and spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to dress “perfect” to attract the attention of others, rather than using wisdom and confidence to enrich themselves, more to win the applause of others.

Natural is the most beautiful. How much time you spend on grooming and dressing, you need to cover up the shortcomings will also have a lot. If a person is naturally beautiful, there is almost no need to dress, will also make people happy; while a person who was born with a cross-eyed, collapsed nose, and big ears, then, no matter how he is disguised, will still let people see his true face.

Coveting the beauty of appearance will bring misfortune to yourself; when giving up that vanity, you will get the point of peace. People who care too much about the appearance of beauty and glory can not put it down the shelf, so it is possible to end up sad.

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