The unsuccessful fox and boar – eliminating all waste

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The fox, the goat and the boar all presented themselves to the lion king and expressed their willingness to take up the warehouse manager position. The lion king saw that the three were equal in ability and education; it was difficult to decide, so he left them to have lunch with himself.

During the meal, the fox saw their favourite chicken legs; they did not hesitate to pick up just a few bites, then throw them under the table, and casually picked up another; boar, ee the waiter just up a plate of corn, also did not hesitate to pick up a, gnawing up, ignoring the many corn kernels from the two tusks down, rolled to the ground; only the goat eat very gentle, very clean, even a grain of rice stuck to the side of the bowl, is It was brought to the mouth.

The lion king took it all in his eyes. After the meal, the lion king announced that the storekeeper position belonged to the goat, while the fox and the wild boar were unsuccessful.

The reason why the fox and the boar lost the election is that they do not value food; they are too wasteful. And goats know how to cherish and save, by the lion king value is also a matter of course.

However, in real life, many people have ignored the “no waste” principle because they feel some of the waste will not affect the quality of life. It is wrong to think this way. People will welcome a person who does not waste any time his good grades.

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