The unnatural death of a little swallow – Recognize the people around you

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When winter came, a little swallow flew from the north to the south. Because the weather suddenly became extremely cold, finally the little swallow’s body was frozen and fell to the ground.

On the verge of death, the little swallow prayed inwardly, hoping for a miracle so that it could regain its body temperature and fly to the south smoothly to avoid the cold winter.

Later, a cow passed by the frozen swallow and happened to have an internal emergency, and just happened to take a big cow poop on the swallow.

The temperature of the cow poop melted the ice on the swallow; the swallow survived and felt very warm and happy, so it squealed and sang loudly with joy.

At this time, a hungry wild dog heard the sound and came over, it carefully checked the source of the sound and finally found the pile of cow shit. The dog took the pile of cow dung on the swallow and gently plucked it away with its paws, then with a big mouth, it ate the swallow.

A philosopher once said, “Those who smile at you are not necessarily friends, and those who treat you coldly are not necessarily enemies.” Indeed, the one who pushes reproach to us in life is not necessarily an enemy; the one who plucks suffering away from us is not necessarily a friend. Therefore, it is necessary to see the people around you clearly with your heart. Because people are good at disguise, only by careful observation can we distinguish who is a real friend and who is a hidden “enemy”?

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