The unlearned mouse – no place for the ignorant

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There was a mouse, always living in the field; it grew up unlearned but always thought he was the most intelligent person in the world. One day, it was tired of living at home, so it left its home and familiar environment, ready to visit the field to see the world. It had just stepped out of its narrow cave when it suddenly felt.

“Ah! The world is so big! That’s the Tibetan plateau, this should be the Himalayas.” It turned out that it saw the small mound of earth that the mole had dug out as a high mountain peak.

A few days later, the mouse came to a beach, and from a distance, it saw some oysters and shouted happily.

“Ah! I see the deck of a ship.” It followed up by saying, “My parents are really poor people. They are too timid to travel. I, on the other hand, have seen mountains and oceans.” The mouse had heard rumours from the wise goat, and now he was talking nonsense.

Some oysters listened to the mouse’s ignorant words and closed their shells tightly, not bothering to pay attention; only one opened and yawned in the sunlight.

The mouse approached this oyster, saw its white and fresh muscles, and excitedly shouted again.

“Ah! God, what do I see?” It danced around and said, “It’s a food! It is right from its color. I’m going to have my fill today, or I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”
With joy, the mouse approached the shell and stretched his neck, and when he reached the white flesh, his neck was strangled by a rope. It turned out that the oyster had suddenly closed its shell.

The mouse’s head can no longer be pulled out.

Uneducated, think they are smart, everywhere you go will meet the wall. Cleverness is wrong; what the mouse did to fulfil this truth?

A wealth of knowledge is the basis of your success in doing things and is the key to your world. A knowledgeable person is often humble or famous; ignorant people e, are shocked by a little thing and Suffern because of ignorance.

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