The ungrateful fox – to give others a chance to help themselves

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The Lion King ordered the fox to take a business trip to the Dwarf Kingdom. But when it was ready to leave with its luggage, it realized that its car was out of order and it couldn’t go anymore. When the goat saw this, he enthusiastically offered to drive the fox himself.

“Forget it, you are also very busy with work, how can I delay you?” The fox refused.
“Last year, when I was short of money to spend, didn’t you also generously lend it to me?” The goat insisted on seeing the fox off.

“Hey, where is this going? You are still concerned about such a small thing. It will take me several days to go to the Dwarf country on business, so don’t send me there, I’ll take the plane myself.” After the fox finished, he took the luggage and went to the airport.

When the fox returned from the Dwarf country, the goat never cared about it again.

Giving is undoubtedly more important than getting, but just as happy to help others, you should also allow your friends to help themselves. Suppose you refuse those who have benefited from you. In that case, you will inadvertently hurt each other’s self-esteem because no one is happy to accept help from others forever without the opportunity to give.

Therefore, properly accepting the help of friends, just as removing the obstacles in the relationship, your life will be a more smooth road.

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