The turtle who was swayed by others – how to grasp the course of life

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A tortoise was living in the South Sea.
One day, it decided to go to the East China Sea to participate in the marriage contest held by the Turtle King of the East Sea for his daughter. The tortoise had hard work; it has also long been heard that the turtle princess has the country’s beauty. Therefore, it is determined to win this time to the East Sea. But the turtle was born without a sense of direction and crawled out of the South Sea; it did not know which direction to swim in to reach the East China Sea. So, I decided to ask for recommendations.
“Shark, do you know which direction you should go to the East Sea?” The tortoise saw a shark hurrying out of the grass and rushed forward to ask.
“In that direction.” The shark turned around and saw that the turtle had beaten him in the long-distance race; he did not feel hatred from the heart, deliberately pointing to the west of the turtle.
“But I seem to remember, when I was a child, my mother said that the sun rises in the east ah.” The tortoise said hesitantly.
“Look, the sun is not hanging in the sky?” The shark pointed to the sun and said to the turtle.
“Oh, really, the sun hangs there, thank you. I know the east now.” The tortoise said and crawled in the direction of the sun. Without realizing it, it was already dusk. When the tortoise saw the sun setting in the west, he thought it was the east.
The tortoise struggled to crawl and crawl, but the following day, when it was tired of crawling and ready to rest, it turned around and found the sun hanging high in the sky behind it.
“Why is there sun on both sides? What should I do? Which side is the east?” The tortoise cried sadly.
“What are you crying for, old man?” An eel happened to pass by, it heard the turtle’s crying, so it ran over and asked.
“I want to go to the east, but I don’t know which direction to go.” The turtle said.
“Hey, it’s not simple, the sun rises in the east, you go in the direction of the rising sun is right.” The eel said and then went away.
The tortoise then turned around and crawled towards where the sun was rising. But after a few steps, it stopped again because it remembered what its mother had said, “Eels are cunning animals; you must not listen to its fancy words.” So, the turtle started to crawl back again.
After crawling for a while, it began to doubt the shark’s words because it remembered that the shark had been his defeat and might take the opportunity to revenge itself. The tortoise turned back and crawled toward the rising sun, but when he thought of his mother’s words, he doubted the truth of the eel’s words.
In this way, the days passed by day by day. Turtle still in the same place repeatedly tossed, still not sure which side is the direction to the East Sea, and at this time, the date of the wedding match had long passed; the turtle longed for the princess and others into the bridal chamber.

Good fate has to rely on its own to grasp rather than on the guidance others can get. Only to be the master of their destiny, to learn the course of their own life, firm in their beliefs, not by the words and actions of others to sway themselves, can step by step to success. But in life, some people always like to give their fate to others, hoping others will show them the way. People with this mentality always get nothing because other people’s guidance and help are likely to make them lose the direction of their pursuit, the focus is not correct, and how can they achieve their goals?

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