The Traveler Who Fell Down the Valley – Freeing Himself from a Bad Mood

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A traveler passing through a cliff accidentally fell down the valley. In desperation, he clung to the branch under the cliff wall, unable to get up and down, and prayed to the Buddha for merciful rescue.
At that moment, the Buddha appeared, stretched out his hand to catch him, and said: “Good! Now put down your hand that is clinging to the branch.”
But the traveler was already firmly restrained by fear, and he was so frightened that he thought, “If I let go of my hand, I am bound to fall into the abyss and be broken to pieces!” So he refused to let go of his hand. The Buddha could not save such an obsessed person.
If we want a good mood, we have to be free from the original bad mood and come out of the dead end of worry. Please note that when you let go of the baggage of your spirit, examine it well and clearly to see what is the truth, leave it behind and try to solve it; see what garbage is, thoughts that create trouble for you, and be ruthless and throw it away, this will be able to cope with it and bring good mood and clear mind. Therefore, everyone should learn to let go and learn to cut off.

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