The Traveler and the Tiger – Retribution for Falling into the Well

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While going over a hill, a traveler found a tiger struggling in a trap laid by a hunter on the roadside. In a moment of joy, the traveler picked up a stone and smashed it against the tiger. The tiger was lying motionless in the trap. The traveler thought the tiger was dead, so he happily hummed a little tune and continued his journey.

One day, just as the traveler was about to reach his destination, a tiger suddenly whistled behind him. As he turned his head in surprise, a tiger pounced on him and snapped his throat.

As the traveler was dying, he could not help asking.

“I have no grudge against you, why do you want to put me to death?”

“Indeed, I had no grudge against you before, but have you forgotten? Ten days ago, you threw countless stones at me in the trap with your own hands! I would not like to hurt human beings, but there is no benefit in keeping people like you, who like to throw stones, in this world.”

Giving more love and help to others will earn you goodwill; those who throw stones at the well will only be scorned by others and sometimes retaliated by them. Like the traveler in the story, even if he did not help the tiger in the trap, the tiger would not resent him, but the traveler had a bad character; not only did not help, but also dropped stones and took the death of the tiger as a happy thing, but eventually, he was punished and paid a heavy price for his rash behavior.

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