The Tortoise of Self-Encouragement – Learning to Cheer for Yourself

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The tortoise miraculously defeated the hare in that proverbial race between the tortoise and the hare.
Afterward, when interviewing the tortoise, the goat reporter asked, “What did you use to defeat the ever-victorious hare?”
“Cheers, cheers to myself!” The tortoise said calmly.
“Can you talk more specifically?” The goat reporter asked.

“Sure.” The tortoise took the microphone and said, “Many people know that I beat the hare, and the reason for that is because the hare slept during the race, and I just caught up to the front. This is a superficial phenomenon; the reason why I was able to win the championship, the main reason is that along the way, I kept cheering for myself; that is, every time I advanced a meter, I said aloud to myself, ‘you are good or ‘you are great. In this way, I kept cheering for myself, and the whole race was run quickly and unknowingly. The tortoise’s words fell; they won the goat reporter and other listeners’ applause.

Cheering oneself is never the same as self-indulgence, but it strengthens one’s belief and self-confidence and assesses one’s ability more correctly.
Don’t forget to applaud yourself when you have achieved, made an accomplishment, or are moving toward your goal. When you say to yourself, “you are great,” or “well done,” your heart will be motivated by this inner interpretation. And this joy on the way to success is worth your time to savor.

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