The Talking Parrot – Showing off doesn’t always result in glory

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A parrot sneaked away while its owner was cleaning the birdcage.

The parrot flew into the forest and saw the birds having a gala, so he went up to them and roared in human language, “Hello, everyone!”

“Huh?! What did you just say?” The birds crowded around it and asked in surprise.

“It’s a human word! My master taught me human words!” The parrot said proudly to the birds.

“You are amazing! You can speak human.” The crow said enviously.

“What’s that? I can also speak many, many human words!” The parrot saw all the birds looking at him with admiration, so he became increasingly proud of himself, opened his voice and spoke some human words, and really showed himself off.

“Excuse me, what did you mean by the human words you just spoke?” Nightingale asked.

“This …… this ……, I do not know.” The parrot’s volume lowered a lot at once.

“You don’t even know what you’re saying, what’s the difference between you and a fool?” When the woodpecker finished, all the birds laughed out loud.
The parrot was red-faced and had to slink back to his master’s house.

“A real person does not show his face, and a real person does not show his face.” Many cultured people do not put signs on their bodies and go around showing off how they are.

Even if you have something outstanding, you should also collect your sharpness and be modest in the world. If you like like like a parrot, with a little bit of skill, you will think they are great, and go around, showing off their own, people may worship you for a while, but people will never cherish you for a lifetime. Because once your “family” have been shaken, showing off the results will only bring you humiliation and ridicule.

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