The superstitious rabbit mother – asking for medical help when she is sick but seeking God’s divination will harm her.

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After the little white rabbit returned home from picking mushrooms on the mountain, he became ill. The rabbit’s mother thought that the rabbit had inadvertently bumped into the spirits on the mountain, so she lit incense and candles at home, begged the gods, and worshipped Buddha. After a few days of tossing and turning, the rabbit’s condition did not improve and became more serious.
Rabbit’s mother, in anxiety, suddenly remembered to ask for help from the fox Texian. So, it prepared a gift and came to the fox’s house, requesting this Daxian for the white rabbit to remove the demon, to lift the white rabbit’s illness.
The fox closed his eyes, pinched his fingers after some calculations, and said, “You go back, I have invited the spirits for your daughter, to drive away the demons, it will be fine tomorrow.”
The mother rabbit believed in the truth, and she left the fox’s house with many thanks.
“Mom, I feel so bad, take me to the hospital.” The little white rabbit said with difficulty.
“Silly boy, hard to feel is a precursor to your recovery. I have just been to the fox Daisy, it has removed the demon for you, said tomorrow you will be well.” After the mother rabbit said, she returned to the house with relief.
The next morning, when she opened the door of her room, expecting to see her daughter playing happily in the yard again, she did not find the little white rabbit’s figure. “It’s so early in the morning, and she’s still lying in bed sleeping.” The mother rabbit muttered to herself and gently pushed open the little white rabbit’s room door. However, the scene in the room wants to cry: the little white rabbit, somehow, has rolled from the bed to the floor, long dead.
Such tragedies are staged among humans almost every day. Many people are sick, not by active exercise to improve their immunity, and do not go to the doctor, but to pray to the gods and bodhisattvas to heal their illnesses or ask “Daxian” to remove the demons and subdue the demons, thinking that their diseases will be in the “Daxian “the” pinch between “ashes to ashes.” I do not know; the result of foolishness was a waste of money and, more importantly, delayed going to the hospital and sending life for nothing.

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