The source of success

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A manager who invested his entire fortune in a small manufacturing industry. Due to the World War outbreak, he could not obtain the raw materials he needed for his factory, so he had to declare bankruptcy. The loss of his money caused him incredible frustration. As a result, he left his wife and children and became a vagabond. He couldn’t get over these losses and become more and more upset. Recently, he even tried to commit suicide by jumping into a lake.
By chance, he came across a small book called “Self-Confidence.” This book gave him courage and hope, and he decided to find the book’s author and ask him to help him get back on his feet again.
When he found the author and finished his story, that author said, “I have listened to your story with great interest, and I wish I could be of help to you, but in fact I am in no way able to help you.”
His face immediately turned pale. He bowed his head and said, “This is the end.”
The author paused for a few seconds, then said, “Although I have no way to help you, I can introduce you to a person who can assist you to rise again.” After these words, the tramp immediately jumped up, grabbed the author’s hand, and said, “For God’s sake, please take me to see this man.”
So the author took him to a tall mirror, pointed his finger at it, and said, “This is the man I am introducing. In this world, this is the only person who can make you rise again. Unless you sit down and get to know this man thoroughly, you can only jump into Lake Michigan. Because until you get to know this person fully, you will be a worthless piece of crap to yourself or to the world.”
He took a few steps toward the mirror, ran his hand over his bearded face, looked at the man in the mirror from head to toe for a few minutes, then took a few steps back, lowered his head, and began to cry.
A few days later, the author ran into the man on the street and could hardly recognize him. His steps were brisk and robust, and his head was held high. He was freshly dressed from head to toe and appeared very successful. I left your office that day as a bum. I looked in the mirror and found my confidence. Now I got a job that pays $3,000 a year.
My boss advances some of the money upfronts to my family. I’m now on the road to success again. “He also wryly told the author: I was just going to go ahead and tell you that I will visit you again one day in the future. I will bring a check, signed and made payable to you, with the amount blank, and you will fill in the numbers. Because you introduced me to myself, fortunately you asked me to stand in front of that big mirror and point out the real me to me.”

Without self confidence, it is like a ball without air, how can you shoot it, who will take it to the game.
Man is a superior animal with ideals, goals and pursuits. The attitude of life is the temperature controller of personality, and its good or bad is enough to influence the success or failure of life. A positive attitude is the springboard to a successful and beautiful life.
The direction of life is determined by “attitude”, which is good or bad enough to influence the merits of the life we build. A positive attitude is a catalyst for success, it makes people extra warm and lively, resilient; it makes people full of enterprising spirit, full of energy and ambition, even if they encounter difficulties, they can also get help, everything goes smoothly.

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