The Sorrowful Mrs. Fox – Love always dies of indifference and abandonment.

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Soon after her marriage, Mrs. Fox invited the older man under the moon to her home and told him her sorrow: I feel that marriage is horrible and cold, and I am really afraid that I have walked into this walled city.
“Why?” The older man under the moon asked in surprise.
“Because I can’t be sure if my husband loves me or not.”
“How can you have such a thought?”
“As soon as he gets off work, he either watches TV or reads the newspaper and never cares about me.”
“Then have you ever done anything for him?”
“No, usually I just like to raise flowers, even the couple sex I am not interested in!”
“Oh, I see.” The old man under the moon digressed and asked, “Can you tell me why the roses in your yard are blooming so beautifully? How do you take care of them?”
“I put a lot of energy and affection into the roses. In addition to watering and fertilizing them on time, I cut their branches and changed their pots; when the weather is sunny, I move them outside to let them absorb the sunlight; when it is windy and rainy, I move them inside again and take good care of them. “
“Now that you understand this, what have you given to your marriage?” The older man under the moon changed the subject again at once.
The older man’s words shook Mrs. Fox under the moon that she began to nourish their marriage just like she nourished the roses. She took the initiative to help Mr. Fox organize the papers and polish his shoes ……
Mr. Fox also seems different; he is home on time after work and often helps his wife clean and pick up their favorite TV programs.
Now, they enjoy a sweet and happy life in a tasty way.
Marriage is a fire; if you do not add wood to it at any time, the fire will eventually go out.
If both parties are stingy with their feelings, unable to give in time, or ignore each other’s presence, like two strangers, the marriage ends, and love disappears completely or turns into hatred.
Love tells people a truth: men and women should not be stingy with their feelings; the more you pay, the greater the harvest; on the contrary, love will die of indifference and abandonment.

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