The sinister fox – don’t betray your friends.

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There was a fox and a donkey who were excellent friends. When the fox was sick, the donkey went around looking for food for the fox to eat. The fox recovered quickly under the careful care of the donkey. The fox was very grateful to the donkey and vowed, “Brother donkey, I will repay you well in the future.”

The donkey believed the fox’s words and took the fox as his most sincere friend. Whenever the burro found something good to eat, he left half of it for the fox. He said sincerely to the fox, “Brother, as long as the two of us are united and help each other, there is no difficulty we can’t overcome, and we don’t have to fear the lions in the forest anymore.”

“Yes, yes, as long as the two of us join hands, the lion will also be afraid of us.” The fox said as he nibbled on the food brought by the donkey.

One day, the fox and the donkey went to the forest company to look for food. On the way, they met a lion.

When the fox realized the crisis, he told the lion that he would help the lion catch the donkey if he promised not to hurt himself, and the lion agreed.

After hearing this, the donkey angrily said to the fox, “Now that the enemy is at hand, we can defint the lion if we unite sincerely, but how can you betray me?”

“Old brother, I am fighting with the lion for wisdom! I just lied to it. Look, there is a big pit over there, you jump in to hide, the lion to me to deal with it.” The fox deliberately lowered his voice and said to the donkey.

“Thank you, good brother.” The donkey moved to tears and did not hesitate to jump into the bottomless pit.

“Dear lion king, I have tricked that damned stupid donkey into the deep pit, now you can let me go and go eat your beautiful meal.” The fox fawned over the lion.

“Bah, the donkey has escaped, sooner or later will become my plate of food, now, I want to eat is you!” After saying that, the lion pounced on it and bit the fox to death.

A true friend is equal to one’s own hands and feet, and one should love and cherish one’s friends as one loves oneself. Those who betray their friends are equal to self-destruction. However, in real life, some people still do not know how to cherish friendship, and even for their interests and betray their friends; in the event of danger, some people, to save themselves and their friends, “to the fire.” Either behavior will bring harm to friends.

Those who betray their friends betray their friends, their own often no good end, just like the fox in the fable, they have become the lion’s plate of food. So, no matter what our situation, we should remember that friends are brothers and sisters and can never betray.

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