The Singing Cricket – Faith Can Work Wonders

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Cricket was once a famous singer, but due to its old age and frailty, it has not sung for a long time.
One day, Dr. Ant decided to visit him. The cricket suffered from severe arthritis and had to be helped to walk by his son. Even so, he kept trembling when he walked, his head lurched forward from time to time, and his legs were stiffly bent, so from the looks of it, he was too old.
When the cricket saw the ant doctor visiting it, it was so happy that it offered to sing a song to the ant doctor. Given its health condition, the ant doctor refused, but the cricket insisted on singing, and the ant doctor had to help it stand firm. When the music started, at that very moment, a miracle happened. The old cricket suddenly looked a lot younger, with a glowing look on its face. He stood firmly, his body swayed gently with the music, his stiff legs were stretched out, and he sang the song passionately; his whole body and mind seemed to melt in the music.
After the song, the cricket was completely changed, it no longer trembled all over, and it did not need the support of its son to walk. That night, it crawled out of its burrow and walked around the corner.
Dr. Ant said that it was the familiar music that stirred the cricket’s faith in life and that faith aroused its passion for life.

What is faith? Faith is a feeling about something, a guiding principle of life, which makes people understand the meaning and direction of life; faith is a source of strength that everyone can draw on, which enables people to grasp the hope for future development. A person without faith is like a small motorboat that lacks a motor and rudder and cannot go further. Therefore, it is necessary to have faith to guide you in life. Faith will help you identify your goal and inspire you to pursue and create an ideal life.

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