The Sick Swan – Not to treat colleagues as ingrates

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The little swan is the top pillar of the Oriental Opera and Dance Company. Its wonderful graceful dance has attracted a large audience and has contributed to the rising box office.

Later, the company decided to recruit another dancer; the crane was lucky to be selected. For this reason, the crane is very happy. Because it has always been the admirer of the swan, dreaming of performing with the swan on the same stage.

On the first day of work, the crane aimed to learn its dance skills from the swan as its teacher. However, the swan did not think so. It regarded the crane as its rival and thought that the crane would steal its thunder. Therefore, although the crane in front of the little swan respectfully and humbly asks for advice, the little swan, in the eyes of the “grain of sand”, is determined to defend its “queen of the dance” status and at all costs also to squeeze out the crane.

Once, the king of the mountain eagle watched the performance in person, the important thing. To perform smoothly, the head decided to temporarily replace the lead dancer with a crane, because this period, the swan on stage mood was not good, and many viewers had a lot of opinions about it.

After the swan knew about the director’s decision, he thought that the crane was causing trouble from it, so he went to the practice room to find the crane in anger. But I didn’t expect the anger attack, a black eye, a weak foot, to fall to the ground and break the body of the most beautiful feathers.

This time, the little swan can never return to the stage again.

The group leader did not know the inside story and thought the little swan was due to excessive practice and injury to the body, and they invited the best doctor, a woodpecker, for its treatment.

After taking the swan’s pulse, Dr Woodpecker said, “It is a heart disease, liver fire, gas hurts the body. This disease can not be cured, the only way is to rely on its own to adjust their mindset, look at everything, tolerate everything, can slowly heal.”

Colleagues should cooperateexpect progress in the relationship, rather than squeeze each other, and mum usually excludes enemies”. Many people will assume that colleagues are the enemy who blocks their future; if so, you must be challenging to stand in the office and more challenging to develop. Only the relationship of mutual help can last, which is your integration into the collective and the collective also accept you as a basic premise.

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