The Shepherd and the Wild Goats – An Old Friend is a Treasure

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On the prairie, when the shepherd drove his flock back to the pen in the evening, he found a few wild goats mixed in with them, so he locked them up with his sheep for the night.

The next day, it snowed heavily, and he could not drive the sheep outside to graze, so he kept them in a pen and gave them the previously prepared forage. The shepherd gave several wild goats plenty of fine feed, while the feed for his goats was just some grassroots and barely enough to feed. The shepherd did this to lure the wild goats into staying and becoming his sheep.

After a few days, the snow melted, and the shepherd drove all the sheep outside to graze. A few wild goats quickly ran away at once and headed for the mountains.

“You ungrateful things, when it snowed I took special care of you while starving my own sheep; today you repay me by running away …….” The shepherd was so angry that he pounded his chest and cursed.

“It is for this reason that we ran away. Yesterday you treated us better than the sheep you have been raising for a long time, it is obvious that you have bad intentions. In the future, if another goat comes to follow you, you will treat them better than us as well.” A wild goat turned back to the shepherd and said.

And while the shepherd was cursing the wild goat, the sheep he kept, hating their master’s meanness, also ran away to the mountain by another road.

The interests of old friends are holy, and there is no good end to sacrificing the interests of old friends to bring in new ones. Just like the shepherd in the story, he compromised the interests of his goats, not only did not leave behind the wild goats, but also lost the sheep he raised for nothing, and in the end, only ended up with a two-headed empty.

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