The Sea can accept bribes – do not want what you should not want.

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One day, the Starfish went to see the Sea can; it sincerely said to the Sea can: “Sea can brother, you are in the prime ministerial position, the day to day management, must pay attention to health ah. This is a 10,000-year-old ginseng that the Dragon King once rewarded me, and I am now passing it on to you, hoping that you can use it to nourish your body, which is also a small token of my appreciation.”

Can the Sea see the usual arrogant, unbeatable Starfish in front of them look so humble, can not help but float up, it did not hesitate to smile to accept the 10,000-year-old ginseng?

The first time I saw it, I was able to see it. The black pearl was precious.

The company’s primary goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The company’s primary goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Once, the sea star said to the Sea can, “Both the sea snail and the sea turtle want to be the head of the third regiment of sailors, and the sea snail and I are close friends, can you say something for the sea snail in front of the dragon king.”

“That’s all!” The Sea can not think, “This matter does not need to report to the dragon king, I can handle.”

After a few days, the sea snail was miraculously promoted from a private to the head of the third regiment. Afterward, Starfish sent more gifts to Hai as a token of appreciation.

In the long run, Starfish begged Sea Can to do things; of course, the gifts he sent became more expensive. The gifts were also more and more expensive. Unknowingly, more and more things exceeded the authority of the prime minister.

Finally, at one time, Hai Xing asked Hai to grant the East China Sea mining power to his brother Hai Shrimp and promised to thank him after the completion of the matter. But because the matter is related to the entire country’s economic lifeline, the Sea can not dare to agree. It said to the Starfish: “It is too dangerous to do this.”

“Yes, it is indeed dangerous, but when you received the gifts of ginseng and black pearls from me, you did not feel that there was danger in the future You are the Dragon King himself. You are the Dragon King’s personal tree of anti-corruption and clean officials ah!” The sea star coldly said to the sea can.

The Sea can hear this; the face changed, and it heard the starfish words outside the meaning of the string. It knows that if you don’t agree to Starfish’s request, your future will be ruined in Starfish’s hands. In desperation, the Sea can agree to the Starfish’s request.

Three months later, the anti-corruption bureau chief Haikui found out about the bribery of sea cans. Can Hai was sent to the guillotine.

The things that should not be wanted are resolutely not wanted. Trim to the company office paper, envelopes, we can not take by hand; significant to the value of expensive gold and silver jewelry. If you want it, it is difficult to fill the ditch, and one day we will fall headlong into the abyss of eternal destruction.
We want what we should not want, and we sometimes spend a lifetime can not pay off the debt owed; we want what we should not want, and we pay the price may be freedom or even life. Therefore, do not want what you should not want, not cowardly, not stupid and unenlightened, but a kind of wisdom, because it can get you peace, joy, and happiness.

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