The Samurai Who Lost Justice – Only the Selfless Can Be Fearless

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The samurai once ran into a devil by mistake one night because he was drunk. As a result, the devil beat him up and threw him into a dry well.
The samurai climbed out of the dry well. After recovering from his injuries, he was determined to find the devil and kill it with his own hands so that others would not suffer the same fate.
One day, the samurai fought with the devil and finally defeated him. Just as he raised his sword to cut off the devil’s head, the devil spoke up and begged for mercy, “Please slow down and listen to my words before you kill me, okay?”
“Say it.” But the samurai still held up his sword.
“You have nothing to gain by killing me, but if you let me go, I will repay you.” The devil said.
“And what will you repay me with?” The samurai’s eyes lit up, and he dropped his sword.
“If you let me go, I will put 10 gold coins in front of your windowsill every day.”
When the samurai heard this, he thought, “It’s true that killing it won’t do me any good, but if I let him go, I’ll have 10 gold coins every day. At this rate, I will be rich.” So he threw away the sword in his hand and let the devil go.
For seven days after that, the samurai received 10 gold coins in front of the windowsill of his house.
On the eighth day, the samurai found no gold coins on the windowsill. On the ninth day, it was the same. Although the samurai was slightly annoyed, he thought: “The devil may be temporarily unable to come. Otherwise, it will certainly keep its promise. Because it is afraid that I will kill it later.”
The samurai waited for another five days, but the devil did not send money. The samurai could not sit down any longer; he carried his sword and angrily found the devil.
“You devil, how dare you cheat me, if you still don’t send me gold coins, be careful I will kill you with my sword.” The samurai waved his sword and screamed at the devil.
“From now on, I won’t give you half a penny more.” The devil finished, burped and turned around to leave.
“I’ll kill you if you don’t pay.” The samurai finished and swung his sword at the devil.
The devil was busy picking up a tree branch to fend off. After a fight, the samurai was defeated. The devil took the sword from the samurai and put it on the samurai’s neck.
“I want to ask a question, you answer before you kill me, okay?” The samurai begged.
The devil nodded.
“I defeated you before, but now the situation has not changed in the slightest, but you have defeated me, can you tell me the reason for that?” The samurai asked reluctantly.
“The first time you defeated me because you represented justice; and this time, you killed me for money, for personal gain, so I could easily defeat you.” When the devil finished, he swung his sword, and the samurai’s head fell to the ground.
The power of justice is unbeatable, but if it is mixed with selfish thoughts, it becomes a hollow wall, seemingly strong, but it will fall when pushed.
Selflessness can be fearless, fearless to be brave, and will have the power to overcome everything.

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