The sadness of mules – those who show off too much will suffer

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On the mountain road, two mules carrying heavy loads trudged behind their master, step by step. One of the mules had gold coins in its bag, and the other had rice in their bag. The mule carrying the gold coins seemed to understand the value of what was on its back, so it held its head high and looked east and west from time to time, shaking the bell tied around its neck, and the sound of the bell carried far and wide. The other mule followed with a steady step without a sound.

Suddenly, some robbers rushed towards the mules from an ambush and beat their owners to death. The robbers greedily seized the mule carrying the money and cut it, and the money was robbed while not caring about the mule carrying the rice.

The wounded mule lamented, “I’m so unlucky! It was so easy to get a chance to carry gold coins, but I was robbed.”

“I’m really lucky they look down on me. Because then I didn’t lose anything and I wasn’t hurt at all.” Another mule took over.

To be a man of character but to be too wild is to be ignorant, and the result of ignorance is mischief. If the mule carrying the money was as steady and solid as the mule carrying the rice, it might not have received the fatal stabbing.

Here it would help if you were reminded: never take personality as a charm; those who like to show sharp, unbeatable people often fall on their wild personalities. So, in the same environment, it is always those with fantastic personalities who get hurt.

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