The Rooster and the Fox

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A wise, elderly rooster flew up to the tree branch and looked on. “Old man,” said a fox, “we should stop fighting and make up from now on. I came to deliver this good news to you; you come down, let us hug each other to celebrate. Today I have to go to ten places to report the good news. You and your companions may be happy in your search for joy, and I will be at your service, and from tonight onwards, we may all revel in it, but please accept my affectionate kiss first.”
“Friend,” replied the rooster, “there is no finer word than peace, and I am especially delighted to hear it from your lips. I now see two hounds running towards us, and they must be messengers to report the news of peace, too; they are running fast, and will be under our tree in a little while; I will come down at once, so that we may all kiss and embrace.”
“Good-bye!” said the fox in a panic, “I have to hurry now, so I’d better save it for another time to celebrate this news.” With that, the cunning fellow scurried away.
The old rooster looked at the fox in that mess and couldn’t help but laugh happily; how could he not be happy that he had just scared away the cunning fox with a little trick?

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