The revelation of the owl – bashful in its triumphs and frank in its failures

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The owl likes to come out at night, so the birds think it is afraid to see the sunlight and does all the bad things at night. Therefore, they united and agreed that no one would pay any attention to the owl, and whoever met it would also scold it by saying. “Shame on you, thief!”

After hearing these insults, the owl just smiled and never defended itself.
Later, because of the owl’s success in catching rats, humans thanked it by sending a banner to the owl with gongs and drums.

When the birds learned of this, they all dispelled their misconceptions about the owl and flew over to the owl and said.
“You are amazing, you are simply a great hero!”

Whenever the owl heard these words of praise, it only smiled lightly and never said anything more for itself.

This is a simple fable, but it contains a useful philosophy of life – “lightheartedness in gain, openness in loss”. The attitude of being human is enough to change a person’s life. When you can face the glory and humiliation of life openly, you will have open-mindednesses, maturity and transcendence.

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