The revelation of the grass of peace of mind – comparison is the bane of troubles.

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In ancient times, a king went for a walk in his garden alone. He saw that all the flowers and trees in the park had withered, and the garden was desolate.
Later, the king learned from the craftsman who managed the garden that the oak tree was not as tall as the pine tree, so it died of light-heartedness; the pine tree was also killed because it could not bear many fruits like the grape; the grape tree lamented that it was prostrate on the shelf all day long and could not stand upright, and could not produce beautiful flowers like the peach tree, so it also died; the petunia also fell ill because it lamented that it was not as fragrant as the lilac; the rest of the plants also died. The rest of the plants were also downcast and listless, and only the tiniest of them, the heartworm, was growing luxuriantly.
The king asked, “O little grass, why are you so brave and optimistic, when all the other plants have withered?”
The grass replied, “Dear king, I am not discouraged at all, for I know that if you, king, want an oak tree, or a pine tree, or a grape bush, or a peach tree, or a petunia, or a lilac, etc., you will ask the gardener to plant them, and I know that what you want for me is to be a little peace of mind. “

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. We should not use our powers to compare with the failings of others, nor should we use our weaknesses to compare with the forces of others. Many troubles happen because we blindly compare ourselves with others and spend all day immersed in pain, so we forget to enjoy our happy lives.
If you want happiness, it is easy to achieve; if you want to be happier than others, it will be tough to achieve. This is precisely the root cause of many people’s troubles and fatigue in real life.

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