The revelation of puffer fish – learning self-reflection

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There was a puffer fish in the Sand River. One day, this puffer fish swam under a bridge and accidentally hit the bridge pier head-on.

“Bastard, how dare you not give way to me? I will show you my power!” After the pufferfish hit the bridge pier, it didn’t blame itself for being careless and didn’t intend to swim around the dock. Instead, it got angry. To teach the port a lesson, the pufferfish hit the dock again with force, but the pier did not move but hit his head. The puffer fish was so angry that it opened both gills and bulged its stomach, floating on the water surface, and did not move for a long time.

Later, an eagle found the pufferfish and grabbed it. In the blink of an eye, the pufferfish became the belly of the eagle.

In the story, the puffer fish hit the bridge pier accidentally but didn’t know how to reflect on it. Instead, he was angry with others and lost his life for nothing.

“In real life, many people are similar to the puffer fish. They never reflect and review themselves but always complain about their unfair fate, complaint about their family, colleagues and friends not caring about themselves, complain about their bosses being too harsh, complain about the bus being too crowded, complain about the order in the vegetable market being too chaotic. What is the result? The result is Only like that puffer fish.
Remember: Reflection is a mirror that shines a clear light on our mistakes and gives us a chance to correct them.”

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